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Welcome all! I am a NZ registered doctor working in Auckland. Before starting medical school, I wished there were more information or resources about the process, requirements and actual experiences of becoming a doctor in New Zealand. I was lost and had no knowledge of the steps needed to be a doctor. I had no idea which university to apply to, what subjects to take?, how to study for exams?, grades are needed to get into medicine?, will I enjoy being a doctor?! etc. etc.

Currently, I am a second year house officer (aka junior doctor) in North Shore Hospital after graduating 6 years of medical school from Otago University. I am not the best student but I have learned a lot through my experiences as a medical student and doctor. I feel that it is time to help aspiring kiwis to learn

  1. how to get into their respective careers (university requirements, advice and guide on succeeding in exams, where to look for help….)
  2. what to expect from their health professional job (pay, experiences, satisfaction)
  3. what next after successfully becoming a health professional (future jobs and opportunities…)

I hope to share my personal experiences and provide insight on how to survive health sciences first year, medical school and first year doctor. I will be sharing tips and advice to get into the different health professionals and what to do after that. Along the way, I will be interviewing other health professionals (pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, dietitians and others)

Great contents will be posted soon, so stay tuned!

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