How To Use Group Study Effectively

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Study Group? Is it really that helpful? Yes! Absolutely! I couldn’t have got into medicine without my study group peers. Multiple studies have shown that if done properly, study group can SHORTEN the amount of time to learn information- through active discussion, teaching and questioning each other CONSOLIDATE the information learned – ie: you remember the facts for a much … Read More

Should You Start Studying For HSFY During Your Summer Holidays?

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Should you start preparing for HSFY during your holidays? Or should you enjoy and “charge up” before the semester starts? I don’t think there is a right answer to this. Everyone’s situation is different- some will be working, some will be traveling and some might just chill at home. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the process. The truth … Read More

What You Need to Know for the English Diagnostic Test!

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What is the English Diagnostic Test? It is a 3-part test to check the standard of your English language skills, in particular -reading, writing and listening skills. Why do we need such test? The Health Science First Year (HSFY) course have lots of overseas students. For some of them, English may not be their first language. Although, they usually go … Read More

5 Effective and Practical Ways to Memorise HSFY Lecture Contents!

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Stop wasting your time reading the whole HUBS191 and CELS191 textbook! To score amazing results in health science first year, you need to understand and MEMORISE the lecture slides. As I have mentioned in my previous post “HSFY- How I Scored A+ and Got Into Medicine” , you have to remember what you learn and do it efficiently so you don’t … Read More

The Ultimate Guide- How to Prepare for CHEM191/ PHSI191 (5 STEPS)

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CHEM191 and PHSI191 are notorious for being the two most difficult papers in Otago Health Science First Year (HSFY) semester 1. Passing rates are surprisingly low and poor results will definitely affect your semester 2 papers. Failing CHEM191 means you cannot take BIOC192 in semester 2. Moreover, given that they are core papers, your overall performance in HSFY will be … Read More