How To Prepare For HUBS191 Term Test

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HSFY is ruthless and fast paced. By the 3rd week of the semester, you will face HUBS191 term test- the first exam of the year. I remember vividly the weeks prior to the exam- I was nervous, uncertain and freaking out. All I did for the two weeks before the test was studying HUBS191 lectures every single day. Overall, I did quite well for the test, scoring 23/25 which contribute 4.6 marks toward my overall HUBS191 paper.

Format Of HUBS191 Term Test

  • 25 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • To be completed within 30 minutes time frame
  • Includes lecture 1 to 14

How I Prepared For HUBS191 Term Test

Two weeks before the term test I studied everything about HUBS191- the lectures, the textbook readings, GLMs, labs etc. I did not have a schedule or study plan. Basically for week 1 and week 2 before the term test, I was memorising lecture 1 to the most recent lecture everyday, reading HUBS191 textbooks, studying GLMs and labs every single day. I even spent the extra time I had to rewrite or tidy up my HUBS191 notes! (smack head). By the end of week 2, I successfully memorised ALL the lecture contents  and felt somewhat ready for the test.

Mistakes I made

Focusing all my time and energy on studying HUBS191 only.

  • By far the biggest mistake I made. I completely abandoned the other 3 subjects for two whole weeks! After the test, I had to do a massive catch up on the rest of the subjects. But before I know it, CELS191 and CHEM191 term test were only days away! So my first advice is to diversify your time. You can definitely prioritise more time for HUBS191 but you should also set aside a few hours to study other subjects.

No study plan

  • Being the first test of the year, there were a lot of uncertainties that I had- How complex will the questions be? Will there be many questions from the textbook? What about lab stuff? So I tried to study everything everyday aimlessly without a solid study plan/ schedule. I was dismayed when I found out that there were NO questions from the textbooks. All those time spent on reading textbooks were wasted! So my second advice is- prioritise studying lectures FIRST make sure you know absolutely everything in the lectures before reading textbooks and labs (read here to find out why textbooks are a waste of time and money).

Comparing myself to other students

  • I was easily influenced by other HSFY students- they were studying textbooks and unnecessary extra materials. This diverted my attention to less important and less relevant study topics or materials.  Please stop comparing your study progress with others as you will just mount more unnecessary pressure on yourself

How You Should Prepare for HUBS191 Term Test

This is a tough question. I believe there is no such thing as “one size fits all” in HSFY. There is no one single study plan or method that will gurantee perfect score. Everyone has different study method

Here are the general principles that I highly recommend you follow

  1. Create a study plan. focus and stick to the plan. dont let peer pressure get into you
  2. Study lecture slides. Go through the lectures again and again. Repetition is super important to consolidate your learning and this applies to ALL HSFY papers. Once you UNDERSTAND and MEMORISED the lecture contents, then go ahead and do textbook readings and labs. Trust me, you don’t have the time to study all the materials. Prioritise!
  3. Do practice. Practice is imperative to Here is a link to some mock practice questions. Please note that these are not actual term test questions! Just some questions written by previous HSFY students.

Study Plan

Based on the mistakes I learnt from HUBS191 term test 1, I developed a clear and robust study plan for HUBS191 term test 2. Have a look below ( I have adjusted the study plan to suit HUBS191)

I tried to stick to the study plan as close as I could. Result? I managed to do better for the 2nd term test. I scored 24/25 which equals to 4.8 marks for the final grade. Did my study plan work? Hell YES, it did!

Here were my thoughts post term test 2

  • I had a good study plan in place. My study plan clearly outlined
    • How much time I should spend on HUBS192 everyday
    • Which specific HUBS191 lecture(s) to study each day
    • When to recap and revise old lectures
  • I made time to study other subjects
    • I believe this has helped a lot in reducing the future workload
  • Doing zero textbook reading is OK
    • The university is going to hate me for saying this again, but I honestly think studying textbooks is a poor investment in HSFY

Should You Follow My Study Plan?

Up to you really. I designed my study plan to suit my needs and personality. In saying that, I do encourage you to use my study plan as a reference and adjust it to your liking. Be SMART when creating your study plan- make sure you have SPECIFIC,  MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE and RELEVANT goals as well as a realistic TIME frame. 

Fail to plan = plan to fail

I hope this post will help you to prepare better for HUBS191 term test. A lot of students tend to stress out and depressed. Dont forget its just 5% of your final grade, so if you screw up the first one, you can still can make a comeback on 2nd one





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