Disclaimer: This PDF of HUBS192 past year exams example answers are NOT THE ACTUAL ANSWERS to the HUBS192 past year questions. Instead, these answers were written by past HSFY students and medical students who scored A+ in HUBS192. The HUBS192 department does not release the actual answers to the exams as they encourage students to study for the questions. The HUBS192 department does not recommend nor support this product.

If you have read my previous post on the importance of doing past year questions, then I strongly believe that you will find this collection of HUBS192 past year exam model answers very useful.

What is the HUBS192 Past Year Exams Example Answers?

The HUBS192 Past Year Exams Example Answers are model answers written by past HSFY and medical students. It contains model answers for all 10 sets of HUBS192 past year exams (2007-2016). These answers have been researched thoroughly and revised multiple times to achieve optimal quality and exam standard answers.

Why Should You Do HUBS192 Past Year Exam Questions?

  1. Most papers reuse some of their past year questions for their final exam and HUBS192 is no exception. If you have done HUBS191, you will notice that certain questions/ concepts/ topics will almost definitely be asked or repeated in the finals.
  2. Past year exam questions are extremely valuable revision tools. Doing these questions allow you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in HUBS192. I always recommend to practice, practice, practice and revising past year questions is the best practice you can get.
  3. Understanding the structure of HUBS192 exam- HUBS192 exam is like a game: it has a structure, rules and time limit. Knowing the structure, rules and getting comfortable with the time limit before the exam is imperative so that your brain can adjust to the exam situation!

The Problem with HUBS192 Past Year Exams

The annoying issue that I faced back then while doing these past year questions was that

I wasn’t sure if my answers were CORRECT

I had nothing to compare to and going through the slides/ textbooks to find the answers was very time consuming. In HSFY, time is enemy- so many things to study, yet so little time! The worst part is that sometimes I couldn’t even find the answers in the end!

I tried asking my friends and tutor to go through the past year questions but there are so many to go through! In fact, there are now 10 sets of HUBS192 past year exam questions (2007-2016)!

The Good News

I have collaborated with my ex-HSFY mates who did excellently in HUBS192 to write model answers for ALL 10 sets of HUBS192 past year exam questions (2007-2016)! The answers have been researched intensively and carefully written to ensure that they are of high standards. We spent the last 4 months writing more than 8000 words, more than 30 pages of quality answers for HUBS192 past year exams. Here are some samples:

Please note: These answers have been revised multiple times but may still contain minor errors.

HUBS192 past year exam papers (questions only) can be downloaded from the Otago library website.

The FULL copy of HUBS192 Example Answers (2007-2011) costs $50 which equals to only $5 per set of exam paper.

Interested for the full copy? Please contact me at brynn1991@yahoo.com

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact as well.