Disclaimer: This CHEM191 exam notebook is NOT recommended nor written by the University of Otago. This exam notebook is written by myself, based on my 6 years of CHEM191 private tutoring experience.

What is the CHEM191 Exam Notebook?

The CHEM191 exam notebook contains precise, concise and easy-to-understand lecture notes that is specifically written to help you to score well in the exams. All the contents in the notebook are super exam focused and its sole purpose is to make sure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to face CHEM191 exams.

So what makes this different from other CHEM191 notes?

I was an average student in high school with average results for my chemistry papers. So I had reasonably basic chemistry knowledge. However, when I did CHEM191 in my HSFY, there was a serious problem that I encountered:

There were way TOO MANY information on the lecture slides- I don’t know which one is important or which one I should focus on

I was quickly overwhelmed by the crazy amount of chemistry information, equations and formulas. My average brain just could not process EVERYTHING. After doing the CHEM191 exams, I realised that while everything in the lectures are potentially examinable, some were simply more important than others (For example: certain topic weigh more marks and some will definitely be asked in the exams every year)

Let’s be honest, I like learning chemistry but not to the extent that I want to know everything about it. My REAL aim is to score A+ in the CHEM191 exams. If that means that I have to be tactical and study only “exam-worthy” topics, then I am more than happy to do that. Ask yourself: do you want grades or do you want to learn everything in chemistry? Time is simply not your friend in HSFY and knowing which exam focused topic to study is crucial.

So when I became a private CHEM191 tutor, I designed and wrote my version of CHEM191 notes that emphasised on the highly important, must-know topics. Unlike other notes with lots of cryptic bullet points, I try to make mine as interactive and as straight forward as possible. My CHEM191 exam notes are revised regularly and recently, I have updated it to suit the 2018 CHEM191 syllabus.

Samples of my CHEM191 Exam Notes

  • Each lecture
    • only has 2-3 pages to study (no more countless lecture slides!)
    • has a “study checklist”, so you can make sure that you cover the important parts of the lecture


If you are interested to get the full copy of my CHEM191 Exam Notes, it will cost you only $40. Think about it- a private tutoring session with a tutor costs $25 ++ per hour and textbooks cost $100++.  For $40, you are getting a complete set of up to date, EXAM FOCUSED notes.

Some feedback from the students:

“Amazing book, should have gotten it at the start of the year. I particularly liked the study checklist. It helps me to make sure that I have studied and covered the important part of the lectures. -J.B”


“29/30 for my CHEM191 mid term test, thanks to the exam notebook. Would’ve scored higher if I had more time to study the notes. I liked the way it was written and formatted. Flows really nicely with just right amount of details. I will be using this as my main study resource for CHEM191 finals- K.S”


“Very skeptical at first but decided to try it out anyway. Honestly, this CHEM191 notes beats the textbook and well worth the money. It is highly exam specific (for term tests and finals). The only downside that I could think of is some parts of the notes are quite wordy. -P.D”


Keen to get one? More questions? Just e-mail me at brynn1991@yahoo.com and we will sort it out.