Update (16/11/17)- More Health Science First Year (HSFY) Posts & Exam Resources

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First of all, sorry for the lack of posts and articles! It has been difficult: juggling between work, life and this website. I did not expect this website to be so popular (over 10,000 page views already!) I am glad HSFY-ers found this site useful and there has been a lot of interest from NCEA year 13 students as well. There are a lot of e-mails and comments that I did not reply to but I will try my best from now on to answer all of your e-mails.

Here are my plans for the next few months

  1. More frequent posts and articles on
    • CHEM191 tutorials/ hacks/ tips & tricks
    • Study tips and effective study methods (especially memory intensive subjects like HUBS and CELS)
    • Frequently asked questions
  2. Exam resources
    • HUBS191 and HUBS192 exam answers- I am currently in the process of writing HUBS191 and HUBS192 final exam answers. It will take a while but should be ready before the exams.

Here are some of the things that I hope I can do

  1. PHSI191 answers- instead of just giving the answers, I want to show step by step on how to solve the questions
  2. CHEM191 term tests answers- again, instead of just giving answers, I want to show step by step on how to solve the questions. By the way, CHEM191 final exam answers will be released by the department, so you can download them from blackboard closer to exam period.
  3. BIOC192 notes- the notes were last updated in 2015, I have a feeling that some topics might have change since. I will try to update them.


In order for me to help you, I need your help too! Here is what you can do:

  1. Tell me what you want to see on this website. Difficult topics and questions that you need help with.
  2. Tell your friends about this website! Honestly, this website is not my number 1 priority as my main job take up most of my time. But every visit or e-mail that I get is a source of motivation for me to continue this site. Even just letting me know that you are enjoying the contents will give me a morale boost.

There are other ways that you can help me make this website better, contact me at brynn1991@yahoo.com if you are keen.


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